Snapshot of a Soul Place Front Cover

2016 Academic's Choice
2016 Family Choice
2016 National Parenting
Product (NAPPA) Award

Triumphs, challenges, hopes and fears:
a mother and daughter’s journey with
Down syndrome in painting, drawing,
photographs, poetry & prose.

Snapshot of a Soul Place
in the land of special needs

written and illustrated by Kari Burk
edited and curated by Valerie Hennell

Autobiography / Family / Developmental Disability

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“As empowering as it is poignant…we highly recommend this book.” Academics’ Choice

Kari and Mielle, 1992

“Beautifully presented, lovingly told and gracefully realized, this volume will offer parents of special-needs children a sense of community and comfort. Unequivocally recommended.”   Library Journal

Self with Scaffolding

Author/illustrator Kari Burk says:
"Perhaps the greatest obstacle faced
by a person with special needs is being
misunderstood and in turn, isolated, from
life’s processes and events. This book is
my way to bridge that gap, celebrating
the people, places and images that have
shaped our lives and inspired my art."

“Gratitude, honesty, grit, grace and humour.”

Rick Scott and Mielle, `Angels Do` video, 1995